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Complex Multi-Cell Dividers

Multi-Cell Dividers Interlok's multi-cell dividers are a vital element used in packaging for small items, especially if they are high-value and fragile. Manufacturing companies are highly aware that their products must remain safe throughout the supply chain from manufacturing to the shelf.

Multi-cell divisions have been specially developed for packing small items such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electrical and engineering components. This type of divider is also ideal for enhancing product presentation.

Interlock Packaging have proven expertise to analyse your products quickly and accurately to ascertain the exact type of dividers you require to maintain product integrity during transit - a critical aspect of your distribution process.

Our precision engineered multi-cell dividers can be custom-made to suit any container of products, all designed, manufactured and supplied at our centrally located factory in Port Glasgow.

Once we understand your products and requirements, we will work together to determine the exact board size and thickness needed for ideal cushioning and protection during transit, as well as divider shape and coating to ensure containers are stored and shipped safely and effectively, minimizing your product damage and losses.

And because of our efficient manufacturing process and excellent transport links we have a very fast turnaround from ordering to supply.

For professional, expert advice on your packaging requirements call Interlok Packaging today on 01475 707669 or get in touch with our online enquiry form.

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